BATS is excited to announce new listings to our market, three new ETFs listed on BATS.

BATS Listings

BATS was founded on the principle of Making Markets Better. That ideology now extends to our exchange-traded product (ETP) listings business where we aim to improve the market quality for every stock that lists on BATS.

Why BATS?Our programs and pricing focus on providing a better market for your listing.

The BATS Issuer Resource Desk helps issuers track their stocks. Representatives address concerns and give you the real-time information you need.

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Our Lead Market Maker (LMM) and Competitive Liquidity Provider (CLP) programs are designed to improve market quality for issuers. They are both rewards-based programs that provide incentives to Market Makers based on their activity in BATS-listed stocks.

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Our pricing is simple; it's FREE! BATS does not charge an initial or annual fee for any ETP, no matter the size.

BATS offers a streamlined 3-step application process to take your ETP from an idea to the market. And, our representatives are available to help you along the way.

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