About the BATS Exchanges

BATS Global Markets, Inc. (BATS) is a leading operator of securities markets, serving the needs of customers in the U.S. and European equities and listings industries, as well as the U.S. options market. The company recently merged with Direct Edge Holdings LLC and is focused on Making Markets Better for traders, investors and issuers.

BATS is currently one of the largest equities market operators in the U.S., operating four equities exchanges – BZX Exchange, BYX Exchange, EDGA Exchange, and EDGX Exchange.

Broker-dealers, institutional and retail investors rely on BATS’ regulated markets to execute their trading activities efficiently and effectively in today’s competitive capital markets. BATS developed its own technology and supports each of its businesses with a relentless emphasis on market quality, transparency, fairness and a high standard of customer service.

BATS began in 2005 as an alternative trading venue aimed at bringing competition and innovation to the U.S equities market. Over the last nine years BATS has grown and evolved into a global operator of financial markets. BATS may no longer be the “alternative” start-up, but the BATS team hasn’t lost that fire and focus to achieve its mission: to help Make Markets Better for all investors.

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