BATS Listings Integration

BATS would like to help Members prepare for the launch of BATS Listings on the BATS BZX Exchange. This page is your headquarters for all the information you need to connect to BATS Listings.

CMS Suffix Symbology for Subordinate Issues

Please be advised, BATS daily listings and corporate action reports will use CMS suffix symbology with respect to subordinate issues. The BATS BZX Exchange U.S. Listings Corporate Actions Specification had previously noted the use of BATS Suffix Symbology. Technical specifications have been updated.

Listings Production Environment Schedule

Date Key Milestone
Beginning October 12, 2011
  • Opening Auction in Production
  • (Test Symbol: ZTEST)
  • IPO Auction in Production @ 10:30 a.m. ET (Test Symbol: ZBZX)
  • Closing Auction in Production (Test Symbols: ZBZX & ZTEST)
  • Halts may be executed at random times.

Listings Certification Environment Schedule

In order to allow Members time to test Day Orders outside of regular market hours, the certification environment is configured with an extended schedule as follows.

Time (ET) Event
6:00 a.m. Extended Hours Open
9:28 a.m. Opening Auction Cut-Off
9:30 a.m. Regular Market Open & Opening Auction (Test Symbol: ZTEST)
10:30 a.m. IPO Auction (Test Symbol: ZBZX)
5:55 p.m. Closing Auction Cut-Off
6:00 p.m. Regular Market Close & Closing Auction (Test Symbols: ZBZX and ZTEST)
8:00 p.m. Extended Hours Close

Auction Process

The BATS U.S. Equities Auction Process has been designed to provide electronic price discovery mechanisms that efficiently match orders in BATS-listed securities at a single price.

These auctions enable BZX Exchange Members to execute against on-open and on-close interest at BATS. They also allow for Member participation in BATS-listed IPOs and auctions resulting from security halts. During the auction process, BATS will calculate and disseminate relevant price and size information via the BATS Auction Feed as well as Auction-specific messages within TCP/Mutlicast PITCH.

Tape B

BATS Listings will be quoted and printed to the SIAC Tape B data feed. To allow for future production testing of Tape B updates, BATS has reserved the following test symbols as BATS-listed securities:

  • ZBZX


FINRA's Web-based Regulation Filing Applications (RFA) system will include the exchange/market code "H" when reporting short interest positions in securities for which BATS Exchange is the primary exchange, or market, in the United States on which the security is listed as of the designated settlement date.

Please contact the BATS Trade Desk or your Director of Sales with any connectivity questions. If you are an issuer or are interested in more information about BATS Listings, please contact Brian King, Director of Listings.

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